Red Arrows

The Royal air force Aerobatic display team

Don't miss this year's Bournemouth Air Festival

Once again the Red Arrows are set to Fly High at the Bournemouth Air Festival.

BIGGER AND BETTER is the claim for this air extravaganza event is back for the eighth time this August, apart from the return of our favourite RED ARROWS will be the Battle of Britain fly past, the Typhoon, Hawk T2,.

For those that missed last year's event I have placed a few Red Arrows pictures on the next page

The Red Arrows flew into Bournemouth and performed in perfection as they do to over 300,000 spectators crammed on the beach and cliff tops; including hundreds of boats anchored between the two piers, this year they were accompanied by the Sea Vixen, Blue Eagles, Yakovlevs, Folland Knat, DC6, Typhoon, Blades, Black Cats, Eurofighter and a sentimental fly past of the Lancaster, Spitfire, Hurrican, sadly the Vulcan will not be there.

Don't miss this Amazing display by the Red Arrows next year. See the Red Arrows swoop over and along the seafront with great views from the beach and cliff tops, hopefully we will be treated with the same Air Displays, Sea Displays, Fireworks, Music and Live Entertainment.

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They are a £10 billion National Treasure.

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So, all being well we will see you in Bournemouth for the

coming Red Arrows Air Display.

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